Welcome to Whitefield Copper Roofing & Art

Whitefield Copper Roofing and Art is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Whitefield Roofing specializes in restoration work and copper roofing for an assortment of landmarks such as churches, courthouses, lighthouses, college campus buildings, and multi-million dollar homes.

Why settle for a run of the mill roof when you can turn it into artwork? Ignite your senses! Bring your ideas and imagination to our artisans and see your vision come to life. Every detail will enhance the value and longevity of your creation. With 40 years of experience, allow us to enrich your project whether it is: a historical landmark, courthouse, church, or even your own person residence. Our professionals will transform the ordinary in to the extraordinary. We can provide multiple alternatives and creative roofing solutions for your residential or commercial needs! Check out our website to see the variety of projects that we have done!